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Unique Floral Expressions

Unique Floral Expressions is an award-winning luxury floral and event design company, based in Atlanta and servicing the southeast.




2023 Allie Award Winner-Best Wedding Decor Design

2023 Allie Award Winner-Best Floral Design

2023 Allie Award Winner-Best Wedding Team Effort
2023 Humanitarian Award

To the most amazing wedding team that ever was - thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You all stepped up to the plate during a time of uncertainty and executed with excellence and precision.  Every detail was perfect and helped make this weekend the most memorable of our life.  We are forever grateful for each of you.  

I recognize that the “event” industry may take a little break for a period of time.  However, I have no doubt that your future is secure, as you are the best of the best.  I will of course promote you all to my network at every opportunity.  If there is anything I could ever do to support your business, just let me know! 

Amy Saul Mollengarden



The staff at Unique Floral Expressions is dedicated to providing you with professional and unmatched personalized service, ensuring that your event is  unforgettable. Unique Floral Expressions proudly serves Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We enjoy welcoming new clients to our event family and are known for our long-lasting customer relationships. We take customer satisfaction to the next level and will delight you with an unforgettable personal experience!

About Us

Rachel and Andrew asked me to come into the ballroom after they got to see everything and before all the guests came in and I was BLOWN AWAY!! It took my breath away!!! I cried! I jumped up and down!! 


When you said the flower cloud and floral hedge would be the “money shot”, you weren’t exaggerating! And that arrangement for cocktail hour.... WOW!! And Rachel’s bouquet! And the guest table arrangements! Everything was perfection!


You brought Rachel’s enchanted forest vision to life and she and Andrew were beyond thrilled! Jim and I couldn’t be happier! 


Thank you so very much!! 

Karen Raubolt


Rebecca Cerasani Photography





Julie- I will say that I have never seen a Chuppah that was as beautiful as the one you created. And with the flower wall behind it was just spectacular!

When I saw the centerpieces in that room, I was speechless!  I never doubted that you would do beautiful work but I also never expected to see the most breathtaking arrangements ever!  People were complimenting throughout the night!  
In my opinion the ONLY beauty that surpassed your flowers was the bride!  She was magnificent!

Thank you for providing the beauty and the drama we wanted and for exceeding expectations over and beyond!

Between you and me, the flowers brought tears to Dana’s eyes - not the ceremony itself nor any of the speeches!  It was your flowers that did it!!!!

Gail Seidman

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